The Bluff Creek Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is non-profit association. It is 100% run by volunteers who work to raise money to support, strengthen and enhance the education of their children at Bluff Creek Elementary.
The BCE PTO creates, manages, plans and executes a variety of fundraising opportunities including: family events, local business partnerships, and merchandise retail sales. See all the fun and creative opportunities where you can give an hour (or more) of your time to benefit our kids here.
Since 2017,  these efforts raised over $100,000 for the school. The money raised funded field trips, classroom technology and supplies, and events for your kids attending Bluff Creek Elementary.



Over 300 volunteers comprise Bluff Creek’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). We welcome all parents of BCE children to join the PTO (and any tag-a-long siblings too). About 50 parents commit to chairing a committee, but equally as important are the hundreds of parents that volunteer their time too.
The PTO is comprised of both Moms and Dads, working parents and stay-at-home parents. We do not require a time commitment, we (and the school) appreciate whatever you can do, when you can when do it. And if you have seen the movie Bad Moms, we’re sorry to disappoint you but Martha Stewart does not appear at the BCE PTO meetings.




Rachel Brandt volunteers and co-chairs a few of our committees. She has two children, a 2nd Grader (Haley) & 4th Grader (Jacob), and enjoys sports, being a kid taxi, being on the lake, music, and reading.

Ashley Nelson is a Committee Co-Chair and General Volunteer who has three children, a 2nd Grader (Annabelle), a Kindergartener (Everleigh) & 3 year old (Reid), and enjoys running, boating, shuttling kids around, and cheering on her Cyclones!



Lindsey Berry volunteers and Co-Chairs a few of our committees. She has a Kindergartener (Luke) and 3rd Grader (Jack) and enjoys traveling, entertaining, baking, and shopping!

Taylor Headley​ is a also our Social Media Co-Chair and has a 1st Grader (Harper) and a 4 year old (Hannah). Taylor enjoys running and is currently training for the Chicago Marathon!



Andrea Russel is our PTO Secretary has volunteer for a few of our committees last year and will be doing the same this year along with Co-Chairing Fun Run in October. She has 3 children, a 1st Grader (Blake), 3rd Grader (Graysen), and a 4th Grader (Brynne). She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, running and enjoying a good book.



Jourdan Hay is one of our Co-Treasurers and has two children, a 1st Grader (Madeline) and a 3rd Grader (Emily). She enjoys reading, crocheting/knitting, exploring the city's trails, and spending time with her family.

Jonathan Tishler is also one of our Co-Treasurers and has two children, a 1st Grader (Natalie) and a 4th Grader (Hailey). Jonathan loves every sport that involve running and a ball. Summer lake life, traveling and enjoying meeting new people.



Art Adventure | Email: 

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Hanson & Amanda McGibbon​
Art Adventure is an education-enhancing program for our First and Second graders. Working with the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), our students delve into art and other cultures. Students learn about each piece of art within the learning set from a “Picture Person” who will visit their classrooms. “Picture People” are asked to attend a training session through MIA which provides key ideas to bring back to the classrooms. For Second graders, the lessons culminate with a trip to the museum in the spring. Art Adventure programming works in cooperation with homeroom teacher learning plans.
Arts & Literacy Night
Co-Chairs: Janna Tebbs, Katie Meyer, Amy Wayda
The Art and Literacy Night is an evening to come to school and engage in the reading and arts. This committee works hand in hand with BCE staff to create a fun event. The PTO offers spirit wear sales, food sales, and art work sales. All proceeds go directly back to the BCE Art Program.
Book Fair | Email:
Co-Chairs: Lindsey Berry & Brenda Rothstein
There are three Book Fairs per year. The first two are held during Parent Teacher Conferences and the final is a BOGO event held at the end of May. All Book Fairs are open during the day to allow students shop during their lunch period. All proceeds from the Book Fair benefit our Library & Media Center. Volunteers for this event help set up / take down the book fair as well as help students find books and check out the student during the book fair. 
Fall Festival | Email:
Co-Chairs: OPEN 
The Annual Fall Festival & Spring Fling events take turns each year and is currently the PTO’s biggest event of the year and raises the most money for the school.  Last year’s attendance was a record.  Are you good at juggling tasks, planning, or organizing?  Or do you have new and fresh ideas to help make this event even better?  Then we need you here!!  There is a lot that goes in to the Event!
Friends of Media Center | Email: 
Co-Chair: Brenda Rothstein
Need simple, easy and most flexible? Volunteer in the Bluff Creek Elementary Media Center by checking-in and checking-out books, shelving books, or helping students find the right books. Please consider signing up for any times your schedule allows – an hour once a month to a couple hours every other week – whatever works into your schedule.  
Fun Run | Email: 
Co-Chairs: Andrea Russel & Andrea Vierya​
The Annual Fun Run 5K / 1K is held in February and promotes good health and school spirit.  Over 200 runners, walkers, stroller riders participate and helped us raise funds to benefit the current PTO fundraising goals.  Join this group and help make this event bigger, better, and healthier.  Creative ideas to get more sponsors, participants, and have more fun are welcome and wanted.  
Gardening | Email: 
Co-Chairs: Julie O'Connell & Allison Lang
Help beautify the Bluff Creek grounds by maintaining seasonal plantings in the front pots as well as our vegetable garden!  Work with the Bluff Creek Administration to find other ways to help nature bloom at Bluff Creek.  We’d love to have people who have new and fresh ideas to make our garden the best it can be! The committee is active on social media, follow them to see their work!
School Store
Co-Chairs: Lindsey Berry & Katie Zhang
You will identify new items to sell and assist in the sales of apparel during school hours. 
On School Store days, fourth and fifth grade student-helpers and all of our student shoppers  to tally up their desired purchase (they don't always have enough money), help them pay for their purchase and assist with giving back change.
School Supply Packs | Email: 
Co-Chairs: Annie Danielson & Trista Lucore
The PTO offers families the option to order school supplies for the following school year every spring.  Volunteers will help promote the event, tally and compile orders, and distribute the packs just before back to school night.  This committee is in action Mid March through May then again in August.
Spirit Wear | Email: 
Co-Chair: OPEN
Work with our vendor to create an exciting line of clothing and accessories to help the Bluff Creek Elementary community show their Paw Pride. We’d love to have creative people who have new and fresh ideas to make select and design new items. You will also coordinate the sale and distribution of the orders through the School Store and at events. 
Social Committee
Co-Chairs: Kristi Lindell & Katie Karus
Social Committee requires 2 co-chairs with a handful of volunteers throughout the year to help come up with and plan social events that expand beyond the interior of our school.
Sub-Committee: Restaurant Night | Email: 
Co-Chair: Sarah Tishler
Six times during the school year, the PTO hosts fundraisers at local restaurants.  Our goal is to create a fun event while promoting local businesses.  Volunteers will help promote the events, develop relationships with new local businesses, work with the restaurant managers on scheduling events and gathering payment, and schedule students for restaurant night events when appropriate.  We are looking for people who have new and fresh ideas to help make our Restaurant Nights a huge success! 
Spring Fling | Email: 
Co-Chairs: Ashley Nelson & Becky Fluegge
The Annual Fall Festival & Spring Fling events take turns each year and is currently the PTO’s biggest event of the year and raises the most money for the school.  Last year’s attendance was a record.  Are you good at juggling tasks, planning, or organizing?  Or do you have new and fresh ideas to help make this event even better?  Then we need you here!!  There is a lot that goes in to the Event!
Staff Appreciation | Email: 
Co-Chair: Ashley Nelson
Like to be creative?  Help plan Appreciation days throughout the year, or go Emeril Lagasse and “Kick it up a notch” with the ultimate day of Thanks for National Teacher Appreciation. ​
Staff Dinner
Co-Chairs: Andrea Daly & Norah Tucker
During Parent Teacher Conferences, this committee plans and prepares potluck style meals for the teachers.  You can make a dish or dessert, bring in a bag of apples or some beverages or watch over the buffet o’ goodness during the conferences.
STEM Fest | Email: 
Co-Chairs: Alieke van Wuijckhuijse & Katherine DeWall
STEM Fest is a special day for all fourth and fifth grade students where they each attend three 45-minute hands-on, small group sessions about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Previous presentations introduced students to robotics, veterinary medicine and invasive species prevention. Each presenter contributes their time freely and there are no other PTO activities or any fundraising involved. If you have a career in a STEM field and would be willing to lead small group sessions, please contact Mrs. Edlund, Gifted Services Teacher ( 
Yearbook | Email: 
Co-Chairs: OPEN
Love taking pictures?  Then THIS is the committee for you.  Be a Cluster Photographer or snap pictures at lunch, in the gym, or in any of the specialist rooms.  Capture moments on a field trip or at an assembly.  Or channel your inner scrapbooker and help arrange and organize photos for use in the year book.  You could even bring out your secret stylist talents on picture day and help our students put their best face forward.